Non Jamming Rolling Blade Diverters
The curved blade design of this diverter gates offers many advantages over the conventional single blade diverter. During closing, blade will cut through standing column of material. Hence there is no jamming or back-up problem found in this type of diverting gates. Gate is ideal for diverting coarser dry materials that have a tendency to wedge between the blades and side wall and plug a chute. The rolling blade design eliminates jamming by having only thin edge of blade sweeping the side wall. Special action of the blade provides excellent sealing capability.
Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Electrical.
Two/Three Way Diverters
Custom made for different sizes and for different diverting angles. Rugged construction with liners and flexible seals around the diverter blade, to arrest leakage between legs.
Single Blade Diverter is made with:
Heavy duty Components.
Abrasions-resistant blade.
Various sizes and angles of diversion.
Manual / Pneumatic / Electrical.