Rack & Pinion Gate
These gates are ideal for low headroom use. They come with hand wheel of varying dimensions as well as gear reducers for added ease of opening. They are most suited for the flow control of and bulk dry material from fly ash to coal, cement to uranium oxide etc.
Manual / Electrical
Belt Feeder Gate
This gate is highly applicable where controlled and smooth flow with least impact is desirable. In this gate discharge opening is aligned longitudinally with the center-line of the belt conveyor, which produces and improved material profile on the belt. The belt feeder performs as a volumetric feed rate control device, which can adjust t varying material flow properties. The belt feeder gate has few moving parts, consumes minimum energy.
Electrical / Manual / Pneumatic / Hydraulic.
Rolling Slide Gate
A rolling slide gate is a heavy duty gate with lot of operational advantages. Limit switches, activators and position indicators can be combined to interface with your control logic. If modulation is required, it can be slaved from a microprocessor or other control systems. Unique seal arrangement that optimizes both sealing and cleaning of the blade.
Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Electrical.