Hydraulic System
Complete operation is powdered through a high capacity power pack coupled with sophisticated hydraulic circuitry; makes the system speedy and accurate. Provision of fail safe condition is designed in such a way that all the gates / chutes are brought under normal condition automatically in case of accident or power failure. This will eliminate material spillage over track and in turn prevent derailment. Specially designed manifold makes the hydraulic circuit sample and maintenance free.
Batch Weighing Control & Automation
Batch weighing is the utilization of a weigh bin to precisely measure the amount of material put into a pre-weigh hopper via a precision weighment. The system provides a complete printed record including car number, tare weight, net weight, time and date of loading. Additional information can be printed if required.
Programmable logic controller coupled with a color graphics operator interface panel enable the operator to control the entire system.
Merit provides specially designed PLC to monitor and control all the mechanical equipment through a set of input output module. PLC connected with supervisory and batching electronics to generate sequence control, data logging, printing data display and dynamic mimic display.
The use of a high speed, state of the art computer, utilizing Microsoft’s Windows platform provides user friendly screens with powerful pull down menus and icons for easy operation.
User specified loading reports for records and billing purpose. MIS reports like Shift/Day/Weekly/month wise reports available.