Rapid Loading Systems
Pre Weigh Rail Car/Wagon Loading System
Merit is an innovative and leading engineering company focused into design and manufacturing of pre-weigh type Rapid loading systems. These systems are designed to meet custom specified requirements and ensure the highest standards of performance and reliability.
Salient Features
Loading at high rates up to maximum of 13500 TPH.
Quad bladed flow control gates for precession loading control.
Loading with +/- 0.5% of target load.
Loading with + 0.05% weighing accuracy.
Can be designed for materials like coal, iron ore, pellet, lignite, etc
Allow variation in particle size and density
Robust construction of equipments.
Very high operating speed is achieved by hydraulically operated system design.
Specially designed manifold makes the hydraulic circuit simple and maintenance free.
The control systems are based on suitable and custom specified hardware.
  Windows based software is used to control the system.
  1. Overall PLC Control and Automation of the system.
  2. Very fast completion of loading.
  3. Visual monitoring of operations through SCADA applications.
  4. User specified loading reports for records and billing purpose on Shift / Day or Weekly / Month wise.
Built in software calibration system to simplify the calibration
Fail safe protection incase of power failure.
Merit customized product line and system has been designed to suit the industries like Cement, coal, iron ore, steel, power generation, mining, etc. The mechanical structure of Merit pre weigh wagon or Rail car loading system includes storage silo / surge bin of suitable capacity, weigh bin discharge gates, loading chutes and actuated by high speed hydraulic systems designed by merit. The system is efficiently controlled by PLC.
Mechanical System
Slide Gates
Hydraulically operated Double bladed/Quad bladed rolling slide gate assures quick response and reaction to control signals for the most accurate, cut off target weight, assuring consistent batches, wagon after wagon.
Loading Chute
Merit offers the Rollaway cum telescopic or swing chute to load different types of wagons and materials. We select the loading chute according to the application and requirement.
Hydraulic System
Complete operation is powered through a high capacity power pack coupled with sophisticated hydraulic circuitry, makes the system speedy and accurate. Provision of failsafe condition is designed protect the system in case of power failure. This will eliminate material spillage over track and in turn prevent derailment.
Electronic System
PLC control coupled with SCADA system is used to control the entire loading system is designed by merit. Batch weighing system is the utilization of a weigh bin to precisely measure the amount of material transferred in to the weigh bin via a precision weighment. The system provides a complete printed record including car number, tare weight, net weight, time and date of loading and additional information if any.