Double Flapper Valve
This valve is typically used in high temperature and abrasive application. DFV prevents both pressure loss and heat and heat-transfer between one compartment and atmosphere by its special sealing arrangement. It handles Cement, Ash, Clinker, Stringy material etc.
The heavy-duty Merit makes double Flapper valve has:
Easy access for maintenance.
Few moving part.
Flat contact seating surfaces are hard-faced and ground.
Superior wear characteristics on abrasive materials.
High temperature capability.
Pneumatic / Electrical / Counter weight.
Ramp Valve
The ramp valve is a multi-purpose, tightly sealing shut-off device for bulk solids or slurries. Its unique performance achieved by better sealing arrangement, caused by wedging action of Ramp Bar between the top surface of the slide plate and the inner throat.
Merit’s ramp valve incorporates:
Superior sealing due to wedging action.
Versatility on high temperature and /or high pressure applications.
Manual / Pneumatic / Electrical.